Ra'oofs' San Jose Bean Pie History

Established in 2007

I had been making Bean pies and Carrot Pies as a hobby for friends and family since 1968. My daughter, Lijah, opened 'Alyis N' Rose'; a coffee shop on Lafayette St. in Santa Clara, California  in 2005 and I made pies for her shop. Subsequently I was invited to sell my pies at the Downtown San Jose Farmers Market and I have been doing so, every Friday, to this very day.

Bean Pie History

The bean pie was popularized by the Nation of Islam in Flint, Michigan around 1934. The African American members that made up this organization were from the very poor class of this American society and were instructed by their leader (the Honorable Elijah Mohammed) to eat inexpensive and healthy foods. The main staple was the Navy Beans  (The worlds healthiest food) which was inexpensive and very healthy. The women made a sort of soup from these beans and a pie for desert. Those who ate this pie were overwhelmed by the flavor and texture of it and it replaced the sweet-potato pie which was the favorite among the African American people especially in the deep south at that time.
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I create and sell specialty pies that cannot be found any other place in the entire bay area. The most popular pie that I make and sell is the BEAN PIE. This pie is made with Navy Beans. I also make a Carrot pie and a Sweet-potato pie. These pies are only sold at the following Farmers Markets:
V.A. Palo Alto, California - Wed. 9:30Am to 1:30 Pm (Beginning 5/1/2024) and every other Wed.
Downtown San Jose Farmers Market : This market has been cancelled by PCFMA until further notice.
Due to an emergency illness suffered last night, I wont be able to attend the Evergreen Farmers Market today (11/03/2023.